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Power Hour 4: Wellness coaching

Power Hour 4: Wellness coaching

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 Wellness coaching:50 minutes

Power Hour 4:Wellness coaching for the performing artists| 50 minutes

Let’s face it to be a performing artist whether you are auditioning or just have performances to attend with rehearsals it can really throw you out of whack and takes a toll on your well-being, well as a trained wellness coach you are not alone Together will go over your daily routine how to eat healthy keep a vocal workout routine in addition to your physical workout routine in order to keep your body and voice healthy.

That entails getting minimum 7- 8 hours of sleep a night and keeping a daily routine unless you have performances at your regular sleep hours. We would work on a healthy eating regimen in order to be in shape physically and mentally, as a performing artist, someone who needs to audition frequently it’s really hard to keep a healthy lifestyle especially when you need to fly and stay in different cities, the first thing that usually gets neglected is a healthy balanced lifestyle so many performers are challenged with this issue.

As a trained certified wellness coach act I can help, organize your daily regimen by discussing with the client how and what we can keep a healthy lifestyle through discussion and coaching!

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