Vocal Arranging Session

What if you could:

Have a vocal range like Mariah Carey
Growl like Brittany spears
Sing like Elton John
find your voice like Adele
Belt it out like Sia or Michael bubble ??

What these and other amazing artists all have in common is:

Excellent technique and lots of practice!

It is much easier to reach your goals with competent guidance and heartfelt support along the way.We love seeing our students grow, whether they win awards (they do!) or simply fulfill their inner need to express themselves in music.

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Welcome to the training Singers

​We welcome​ accomplished performers ​as well as complete beginners ​to learn how to sing ​with power, precision, and personality in a super supportive environment! ​​


About Training Singers

The Best Coaching Program

"Training Singers Studio has helped hundreds of singers, vocal students, vocal contestants raise their voices in song, whether they are beginners and aspiring artists & singers or Broadway stars & celebrity recording artists and actors.

Voice lessons and coaching focuses on vocal technique to help increase your vocal range, build vocal strength, give you better ability to blend smoothly between vocal registers, achieve mixed voice and when to use staccato and legato, master many musical and vocal styles, sing high notes with ease, gain confidence for live
performance, and eventually achieve technical and artistic mastery.

What We Offer?

We specialize in singing lessons for all styles of music, including Pop, Rock, Musical Theatre, Hard Rock, R&B, Jazz, and Classical genres.

I am fully devoted to the craft and calling of voice teaching i am fully committed to our students’ professional and personal vocal journeys. I was trained with the best Voice teachers in the world and enabled me to craft my vocal technique and craft others.  We don’t prescribe a one-size-fits-all technique or method for our students; just like no two people are exactly alike, no two voices, no two learning styles, and no two sets of goals are exactly alike. Our vocal exercises and voice lessons are tailor-made for each individual student, starting at your first lesson.

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Song Selection

Song Selection

We will work on songs which are best suited for your personality and voice. These songs will further your vocal growth and strengthen your sound. We will prepare them for any number of events whether it is for auditions, performances, karaoke, weddings, choir solos, or simply for your own personal satisfaction. You will also gain knowledge about vocal repertoire and expand upon your understanding of musical styles, basic music theory, and rhythmic understanding.

Music Therapy!

Music Therapy!

For those who desire, we will delve into the world of Sound and Music Healing, where you will free yourself from emotional and physical wounds such as the aftermath of trauma, hurt, pain, childhood fears, regret, sickness, or loss. The voice is a gateway to the soul; as you learn about your voice, you will learn also about yourself. Singing is really so personal in nature and I am blessed with students who trust me as the keeper of their life stories as we work through these areas together.

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  • ​Vocal Technique

    • Increasing your range
    • Strengthening your voice
    • Belting techniques
    • Pitch, resonance & projection
    • Breathing technique
    • Control over falsetto, head voice-chest voice, mix (modes)
    • Vibrato
    • Vocal Effects (distortion, creaking, growling, ...)
    • Maintaining vocal health / healing from vocal injury
    • Meeting demands of touring / show schedule
  • Musicality & Artistry:

    • Developing unique artistic signature style and sound 
    • Vocal Riffs & Runs
    • Stage Presence & Performance Craft
    • Repertoire

    Audition Preparation:

    • Ear Training
    • Sing & Play, if you (want to) accompany yourself
  • Vocal Technique

    Vocal Technique

    This session is an Introduction to the Training singer's method: a holistic Vocal Technique System for building a consistently strong and healthy voice.

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  • Vocal Health

    Vocal Health

    Will go through the songs and see how and what fits your voice and personality we will work on phrasing

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  • Vocal Coaching

    Vocal Coaching

    Are you getting ready to hit the recording studio for your next project and you’d like some expert help in sounding your best? In this 60 minute session,

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  • what is vocal technique

    What is a Vocal Technique?

    Have you ever been captivated by a singer's voice and wondered, "How do they do that?" Welcome to the world of vocal technique, where the magic of singing unfolds through a combination of skill, practice, and a touch of artistry.

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  • what is vocal health

    What is Vocal Health?

    Vocal health is the optimal functioning of the vocal cords and the surrounding structures. It goes beyond the absence of illness; it's about maintaining a robust, clear, and expressive voice. A healthy voice resonates confidence, charisma, and vitality.

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  • vocal exercises

    Why vocal exercises are important?

    In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, we often overlook the incredible instrument we possess—the human voice. Whether you're a shower singer, public speaker, or just someone who enjoys a good conversation,

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Meir Kay (Internet personality)

"Josh was a patient and passionate teacher who went above and beyond with his dedication to help me fix my hoarseness, breathing and confidence when it came to singing. He truly understands how the body works and with his knowledge of signing and music he really help me set goals and achieve them"

Salman Ali

"Josh was absolutely incredible. In the one hour long session we had, he taught me so much I never knew about my own voice. Not only did he teach me, but he gave me such an incredible peptalk. He really built up my confidence and reassured me that with proper training and coaching I could be great. He is so knowledgeable and I can’t wait to take more classes with him. He is one of the best of the best."

Agent Kim Do

"Joshua is the first coach that I hired in New York. He is not only a singing coach but also someone who has experience with lifestyle coaching as well and has common sense when it comes to business. I find my collaboration with Joshua beneficial. He has an outstanding professionalism when it comes to his sessions. He is consistent and high quality. I would definitely recommend Joshua."

Aaron Gerstel

"Josh is simply the best ! An Italian trained opera singer who studied for 17 years with some of the world's top vocal coaches, Josh is a master vocalist with impeccable technical knowledge and expertise. But what truly sets Josh apart is how personally invested he is in your success, both career and otherwise. Josh gives 120 percent every lesson, and is constantly thinking of how to help the student reach their goals. In just one year of training after switching from another vocal coach my singing has totally transformed and has led to many more singing engagements for me. If you want to take your singing to another level, run don't walk to see this guy!"

Yeva Don, international Yogi, Healer

"Highly professional, deeply and widely educated teacher for all ranges and diapasons .. by all means. And always, always fun ! I wish I could still learn from him . Thank you ❤️"